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Amazing game, cant wait for the full version

How can I reset my progress?

This is REALLY good, I can't wait for the full game!

Played the demo and had a blast. The character is fun to control and is beautifully animated. The gameplay is tight, exciting and well thought out. I especially like the midair dash move. Overall very well done and polished. I only have two criticisms, both about sound effects. 

- The sound of hitting enemies should be more impactful. The weak sound effect when landing an attack actually hurts the feel of the otherwise very well implemented combat. It just needs a little more oomph, like a loud thud or crack. If you want to take it even further, the killing blow could be even MORE impactful than normal.

- There should be some sort of sound effect for jumping. Doesn't need to be realistic, but it just helps sell the jump, even though it's already looks and feels very good. I think you could get away with using the same sound as the ground dash, but a unique sound would be best.

That said, I'm really excited to see where you go with this! It reminds me of a mix between Legend of Princess and Chasm. I think I also see a bit of Momodora influence in there as well. Great work!


the movement feels very good, i really hope that there is more environment and story once the full version releases

I cant wait to play full version

This is extremely well made, can't wait to see what this demo will grow into. 

pretty much the best Metroidvania demo on this website 


This game is one of the best retro metroidvania I've played. I really like the controls and the theme. This game has the feel I loved about Momodora, Hollow knight and lodoss war deedlit. I really hope the full game surprises me with diverse environments to explore and unique items to use during game play.

I love the movement, and even more I like the look of the player. I would prefer slightly less stiff acceleration and deceleration but otherwise I love it. It just looks *really* nice. 


Wow I played a lot of itchio games. This is one of the bests! I never writed anything in the comments before and clearly this deserve positive review... But can you open the door leading outside? or this secret is a dead end.

It seems like dead end for now. Sooo... waiting for the full game :)

This is one of the best games I've played! The game is really fun and addictive, the animations are extremely smooth. Incredible!

Here are what I want to see in the future:
- Add some NPCs to the game so that the game feels more alive.
- Add some use for the coins, they are kinda useless at the moment.
- Add more enemies and bosses to make the game way more interesting and fun.
- Add more things to interact with like doors,...
- Add more areas.

By the way, after looking around for a while, I found a place leading to somewhere that has trees and moon, but the door was closed. Is there anyway to get out?

It seems like dead end for now. Sooo... waiting for the full game :)


i love this game, thanks for this magnificent demo! 

I'm hyped for the complete version of the game

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nice fun game. no complaints, I am waiting for more of this. its the perfectly simple platformer tat iv always wanted. thank you

This is such a good game! The Sound design, character designs, enemies, physics, animations, art (OMG THE ART!), everything is so well polished and lovely! I wish it were a bit harder though, although it's just personal preference. Honestly, one of the best short demos I've played this year. I'm looking forward to this project! 

God, the controls in this game are pure awesome. The design is great and I love metroidvania in general, so I'm definitly looking forward to the finished product. Oh, seems I missed out on the fact you can downward slash for damage and mobility, oops.

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Great movements, great animation, great mood. I like your design decisions. And it's so polished too! Congrats! Such a cool proof of concept

I really enjoyed the game!

this game is amazing. i can tell a lot of effort went into this you even made it so the chains move when you zoom by them; its little details like that that make great touch. the enemies were well balanced and had a great design. i give it a 10/10 for a demo. i can't wait to see the full game. keep up the great work.

Really good

If you put this on Xbox then I will buy it.

It's casual

Hope for future Steam release! :D

this is amazing! i am very excited for the full release! i think that the pogo downslash thing should bounce you up a bit more, and the big swinging blades i wish you could duck under that was my first thought for how to avoid them. the controls are very fluent and tight and it makes for some very good gameplay. also i reccomend making a steam page for the game so people can wishlist and stuff, i think it will get you alot of popularity! 9/10!

Just got done playing through the demo and Pavel Shibaev, if you're reading this, this was great. 

It's also nice to see a solo indie dev make something cool like this, as I'm looking into being an indie dev myself at the moment. For the full game, please take your time making it. 

HOW CA I GET INTO THE waterfall i was struggled by the cross bar


This demo is amazing! As soon as it ended I was upset, I want more. Also I realized much later in the game play that the game is controller friendly and felt like a goober for not actually taking the time to read that. lol Overall I really enjoyed playing this game and am looking forward to a possible full game in the future. Great job Dev!


this demo is incredible can't wait for the full release

El mejor que e jugado en los últimos meses, esperando la versión completa del juego.


This game is incredibly polished. Well done.

I love it, the movement feel super accurate. I hope you can finish the game! :D
The coins hype me. I wish i can buy items in the future! 

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Без лишних слов - ПОТРЯСАЮЩЕ!
(Надеюсь в итоговой версии будет полная поддержка всех контроллеров)


I really like how the movement feels. It'll make for a great metroidvania game. I hope plans for the full game include elements that make it new and unique.


OMG THIS IS BETTER THEN MOST PAID GAMES WHERE DO I START AHHHHH!!!!!!!! The movement and controls/abilitys are so addicting and fun that I litterally played through this 10 times. Not to mention the art style and characters/sprites. IM IN LOVE!!!


Great demo, with excellent movement. Love the simple art style. Currently on the easy side, but this is the intro to the game so to be expected.

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its good 9/10 (its fun bc i played 3 times lol)but i feel like some of the combat isn't hinted at enough like i didnt know that could attack down mid air so yea! great demo

Fantastic! Movement and combat feel great! There's a good variety of enemies and hazards for a short demo, and the platforming provides a nice challenge. I love how agile you are right from the start!
The pixel art for the characters and other sprites is charming. The environmental art is pretty basic, but manages to conveying a sense of place, and is very clean visually so that the sprites stand out nicely.


-Underwater gameplay is a bit dull, maybe add a dash while swimming?

-Add diagonal shooting for the bow?

-A downward air-dash/butt-stomp move might be nice?

-The music is a bit weak

I very much look forward to playing the full game!

Really amazing! 10/10


Regardless of setting / character / abilities, the movement alone is so smooth and addicting that I found myself immediately sucked into the demo. That plus the extraordinarily charming audio design and spritework makes for an extremely enjoyable demo! Looking forward to the full game!


Oh also - I played this demo with an Xbox controller and I loved the added vibration effects - really made it that much more immersive!

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